From Passion to Profession

To Niels Stolte, Dutch and currently working for Mercedes-Benz Bank, blogging is nothing new. However, the last time he wrote a blog article it was from a different point of view: Before he started his internship in corporate communications, Niels worked as a Social Media influencer besides his studies. On our blog he gives insights into the activities of an automotive blogger and writes about how he turned over to the corporate side.


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Markus N. , Sprecher bei narando

Als Filmmusikkomponist zieht seine Musik das Publikum in die Welt des Films. Bei Narando wird euch seine Stimme durch verschiedenste Themen, auch abseits von Film und Musik, begleiten.

From Passion to Profession

Ein Artikel von: Mercedes-Benz Bank Blog (Autor: Niels Stolte auf dem Mercedes-Benz Bank Blog)


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