Not just a number… Part of a big family!

A sudden handicap is not the kind of story you can tell from time to time as an amusing anecdote or an interesting tale. So you might be wondering why I like to tell it anyway. I tell my story because it shows that even in a global company such as Daimler it’s possible to find something like a second family. That’s because what my colleagues did for me after I had a serious accident was incredible.


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Markus N. , Sprecher bei narando

Als Filmmusikkomponist zieht seine Musik das Publikum in die Welt des Films. Bei Narando wird euch seine Stimme durch verschiedenste Themen, auch abseits von Film und Musik, begleiten.

Not just a number… Part of a big family!

Ein Artikel von: Daimler Magazine (Autor: Michael Much)


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