R.i.P Daimler-Blog: It was nice having you!

Few people enjoy listening to lengthy eulogies of the dead. On the other hand, short eulogies seem to indicate that the speaker knows nothing about the departed person, or that this person has led his or her life far from the public eye. The Daimler Blog doesn’t fit into either of these categories.


Gesprochen von Priya L.
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Priya L. , Sprecher bei narando

Priya ist Sprecherin und Sprecher-Managerin bei Narando. Sie versucht euch immer wieder aufs Neue ein Hörvergnügen zu bereiten!

R.i.P Daimler-Blog: It was nice having you!

Ein Artikel von: Daimler-Blog (Autor: Uwe Knaus and Jessica Abt)


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