Creative cuisine: Yujia Hu and his edible artwork.

Packed bumper to bumper, the cars throng the streets of Milan, double parking, honking, shoving. And yet they are always making headway. The ostensible chaos is a sophisticated choreography that is always about keeping the traffic moving. Yujia Hu drifts along with the traffic in the Mercedes-AMG E 53 4MATIC+ Cabriolet, carried by the flow and enjoying himself. “Somehow it always works out,” says Hu. When in doubt, you just sit back, leave a bit of space and give the others some breathing room. That’s how everyone arrives faster in the end. Actually, says Hu, that’s a nice metaphor for the Italian way of life.


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Patric L. , Sprecher bei narando

Residing in Prescott, Arizona, Patric is an accomplished voice-over talent and narrator. His work can be found on national U.S. TV commercials, worldwide audiobooks, social media campaigns, and kickstart funding projects.

Creative cuisine: Yujia Hu and his edible artwork.

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