Empty Rooms

In just a few days, 2020 will be over. It’s been a year like no other, characterized by a virus that was still unknown 365 days ago and that has limited or, all too often, completely prevented face-to-face meetings, extensive travel, and large-scale events. We asked twelve colleagues from the world of Daimler to tell us what they see in their rearview mirrors — colleagues ranging from our CEO to the man sitting at our headquarter’s reception desk. We put the same three questions to all twelve of them and asked them to reply from their personal point of view.


Gesprochen von Jules W.
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Jules W. , Sprecher bei narando

My name is Jules, I am English, now living in Kerry Ireland. For 30 years now I have been involved in Radio and Voiceover work, I am also a Singer, on my own where I provide a Neil Diamond Tribute, and also with a Wedding Band. The Sound Studio is equipped with Presonus and Rode Hardware, with Steinberg & NCH Software.

Empty Rooms

Ein Artikel von: Daimler Magazine (Autor: Jessica Abt, Vivienne Brando, Cornelia Hentschel, Holger Mohn, Christian Scholz, and Sven Sattler.)


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