Formula 1 France 2019: Brake right to win!

For anyone like me who has been fascinated by technology and motorsport since their youth, they couldn’t help but tinker with engines from the early days. In my case, it was a Vespa that I used to tune a bit in my garage at home. When my dad cottoned on, he just told me not to forget the brakes. It wasn’t until much later that I understood he wasn’t just talking safety…


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My name is Jules, I am English, now living in Kerry Ireland. For 30 years now I have been involved in Radio and Voiceover work, I am also a Singer, on my own where I provide a Neil Diamond Tribute, and also with a Wedding Band. The Sound Studio is equipped with Presonus and Rode Hardware, with Steinberg & NCH Software.

Formula 1 France 2019: Brake right to win!

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