In-Car Gaming at Mercedes: More than just a game?

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Tech Open Air in Berlin, and the IAA in Frankfurt, Mercedes-Benz presented a white CLA coupe in which visitors could sit and play the video game SuperTuxKart. But: What’s that supposed to be? Gaming inside a car? Have the people at Daimler lost their minds? We set out to investigate the story behind this “gaming-mobile.” And we found out: This car is more than just a clever gag.


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Jules W. , Sprecher bei narando

My name is Jules, I am English, now living in Kerry Ireland. For 30 years now I have been involved in Radio and Voiceover work, I am also a Singer, on my own where I provide a Neil Diamond Tribute, and also with a Wedding Band. The Sound Studio is equipped with Presonus and Rode Hardware, with Steinberg & NCH Software.

In-Car Gaming at Mercedes: More than just a game?

Ein Artikel von: Daimler Magazine (Autor: Sven Sattler and Melanie Spremberg)


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